In 2019 when we, Tania and Dennis, opened our busy laundromat in Whangarei NZ, we were shocked by the thousands of laundry bottles and boxes going into landfill and the amount of mess, money, and detergent being wasted by overfilling. So we sought a better format laundry detergent to help solve these issues.

We met Maggie (who makes laundry detergent) and she jumped onboard to make our simple and easy to use cleensheets: eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets. In keeping with our personal and business ethics we have made cleensheets as earth friendly and safe for you as can be.

When our laundry customers started buying cleensheets for their homes and friends we were excited to make cleensheets for sale at a select few retailers and here online.

Thanks for helping our small New Zealand owned company prevent more plastic waste.
Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets NZ

It's a laundry revolution!

Cleen Sheet is tough on dirt but gentle on your clothes and the environment.

No more cleaning up spills, no more measuring, and no more plastic bottles.

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